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Top Ramp manufacturer

Junger Machinery specializes in producing durable aluminum ramps catering to various industries such as construction, manufacturing, transportation and more.

We have built a solid reputation as one of the leading aluminum ramp manufacturers by consistently meeting customer expectations with our high-quality products.

12+ Years experience Ramp Manufacturer

Junger Machinery brings over 12 years of experience in manufacturing heavy-duty ramps for industrial, warehouse, and trucking applications.

Our team of experts are dedicated to delivering high-quality ramping solutions that exceed your expectations.

We take pride in our workmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that every product we produce is built to last. Let us put our experience to work for you.

"At Junger Machinery, we're committed to providing innovative ramping solutions that enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity for our customers. Our goal is to exceed expectations in everything we do."
Mr. Zhou
CEO of Jungermach
Loading Ramps and Loading Ramp Systems

Products Category

aluminum ramp

Strong and lightweight ramps for industrial, warehouse, and trucking applications, with various sizes available.

steel bollards

Heavy-duty steel bollards with high impact resistance, ideal for traffic control and perimeter protection.

strapping dispensers

Efficient and reliable strapping dispensers for packaging and shipping needs, with adjustable tension control.

utility folding wagon

Versatile and collapsible wagon with sturdy construction, perfect for transporting goods and equipment.

outboard motor cart

Durable and easy-to-use cart designed for moving outboard motors, with adjustable height and tilt angle.

expanding barriers

Portable and flexible barriers for crowd control and safety management, with various sizes and configurations available.

mobile tool cabinet

Secure and organized storage solutions for tools and equipment, with heavy-duty casters and lockable doors.

fishing cart

Convenient and durable cart with large storage capacity and adjustable rod holders, perfect for fishing trips.

pallet carousel

Efficient and ergonomic solution for rotating pallets and heavy loads, with smooth and easy-to-operate turntable.

fork grapple

Powerful and versatile attachment for lifting and moving heavy materials with a forklift, with customizable width and depth.

corner mover

Efficient and ergonomic solution for moving pallets and heavy loads, with adjustable rollers that can be locked in place.

How It Process


The design phase determines the size, slope and material of the ramp.


Cutting Material

Next is to cut the ramp material to the desired size and shape.


Welding ramp

Welding is important and ensures that it is structurally sound and able to bear weight.


spray paint
Spray Paint

Spraying is the application of a protective coating to metal ramps to prevent rust and corrosion.


ramp packaging

The ramp is packaged to protect it during shipping and transport to its final destination.


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Our Vision
To become a leading provider of cutting-edge industrial solutions, delivering exceptional value, reliability, and customer satisfaction.
Our Misson
To provide innovative, high-quality, and customizable industrial solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.

Why choose us

Junger Machinery is a trusted provider of innovative and customizable solutions for a wide range of industrial needs.

We take pride in offering exceptional quality, expertise, and value, backed by reliable customer service and fast delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are an Industry & Trade Co., Ltd, engaged in material handling equipment and machining accessories.
We are honored to offer you samples. The lead time needs generally 2 weeks.

Quality is priority. Junger people always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end.

Sure, we can provide ODM/OEM service. If you have the drawing, we can produce according to it. If there are no drawings, we have professional designers who can provide customized design services.

Generally speaking, our MOQ is 10 sets, which varies with different products and our customers’ needs, anyway.

We charge the samples and freight. We will return the samples fee after bulk products order.

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