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Steel Dock Plate

Junger Machinery offers industry-standard steel dock plates with 1000 to 12,500 pounds capacities, giving seamless and secure transition between docks and trailers. We are backed with state-of-the-art technology and machinery to provide customized steel dock plates.

Most Popular Types of Dock Plates

Portable Steel Dock Plates

Steel Dock Plates with Wheels

Steel Dock Plates with Forklift Loops

Pit Levellers

Pit Levellers

Edge-of-Dock Levelers

Vertical Cock Leveler

Customized Your Steel Dock Plate

Have your steel dock plate according to your specifications! Junger Machinery offers custom-made designs and descriptions of steel ramps for your applications. Depending on your want, we can provide different sizes, materials, and additional parts.

Most Popular Types of Metal Ramps

Most Popular Types of Ramps 1
Most Popular Types of Motorcycle Ramps 3
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