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Tool Cabinet Manufacturer

If you’re looking for a tool storage cabinet, Junger has you covered! They come in two styles: stationary and portable. Stable cabinets have a stainless steel top with a wood finish, while portable ones have a stainless steel finish. Plus, you can get custom drawer configurations for all of their cabinets.

Innovative Design

Have wide Door Selection

Junger offers a wide selection of doors for your tooling cabinets, from traditional drawers to swing doors, sliding doors, or roller shutters to doors with viewing windows. We can all provide it depending on your tooling cabinet need.

Customizable Options

Self Configured Tool Cabinets

Our steel cabinets are self-configurable, allowing you to select the appropriate casing size, drawers, and storage shelves to suit your needs. It is important to note that the difference between casing height and usable height is casing height, 100 mm being usable height.

Exceptional Customer Service

Universal Tool Cabinets

Junger's cabinets come with an open storage bin, which is excellent for storing many small parts. You should check out these extraordinary CNC tool trolley cabinets if you're looking for machining cabinets that can hold your pricey CNC tools. It would be best to look into conductive ESD tool cabinets to protect your tools from electrostatic discharges.

Most Popular Tool Cabinet

Tool Cabinet with 7 drawers

Tool Cabinet with 7 drawers

A tool cabinet with 1.2mm material thickness with anti-tilt lock and modular lock barrel. Has pull out shelf load capacity of 75 and height adjustment interval between 7 drawers of 25.

20x24G Roller Tool Cabinet with Drawers

20x20G Tool Cabinet with Drawers

This tool cabinet comes with 24x24G drawers and 20×20G drawers. It can be locked in the middle with a cylinder lock and is 100% complete with differential runners. The drawers have slots at 25mm intervals so that you can slide dividers from the front 75mm drawer. It’s anti-tilt, so you don’t have to open multiple drawers simultaneously.

26x24G Roller Tool Cabinet with Drawers

26x24G Roller Tool Cabinet with Drawers

30×28G tool cabinet trolley with 2 Ball-Bearing Fixed Wheels and Castors 125 mm Treadless Polyurethane Tyres Castors with Parking Brakes Anti-Roll Lip on 4 Sides Ribbed Rubber Mat Haptoprene® Push Handle Anti-Tilt Device prevents more than one drawer from opening at a time Casing locked centrally with cylinder lock.

20x20G Tool Cabinet with Drawers

20x24G Roller Tool Cabinet with Drawers

24×28G trolley cabinet has two big, ball-bearing wheels and two castors. The wheels are 125 mm in diameter and have tread on them. The tires are made of polyurethane, and the castors have parking brakes. It has a lip on one side and a rubber mat on the other. It also has two-component push handles and an anti-roll device. Plus, it has a modular cylinder lock with a barrel.

Auxiliary Tool Cabinet with Sliding Doors

Auxiliary Tool Cabinet with Sliding Doors

This tool auxiliary cabinet is 60x28G and has sliding doors. It can be locked with a cylinder lock and has drawer runner and shelf runner mountings. The drawer runner mountings are 26x20G, and the shelf runner mountings are also 26x20G, spaced 25mm apart on both sides. It has anti-roll lugs on three sides and a ribbed rubber mat.

Custom Your Tool Cabinet

Get your custom tool cabinet with us! Feel free to drop a message for a quick quote.

Why Choose Us

Custom Fit Tool Cabinet Solution

Junger provides a wide selection of customizable and distinct types of tool cabinets, so your specific needs will dictate which version is most suitable for your business. Large-capacity cabinets offer ample storage space for bulky tools, while upright cabinets facilitate easy access to the devices within. Heavy-duty cabinets can hold up to 200 kilograms per drawer or shelf. Additionally, corner cabinets provide additional storage capacity, for instance, on L-shaped countertops. The various models come in a variety of sizes and equipment configurations.

Industry Expert

As one of the leading providers of tool cabinets in the market, Junger has established its name in the industry with its premium-grade tool cabinets that have given multiple awards and positive feedback from its users all over the globe. From its years of experience to its dedicated team of experts that continuously innovate their cabinet features to their advanced machining technology that supports all their production.


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Most Popular Types of Tool Cabinet

Mobile Tool Cabinet
Mobile Tool Cabinet
Mobile Tool Cabinet
Mobile Tool Cabinet
Mobile Tool Cabinet
Mobile Tool Cabinet

Hear from our clients

Hear from our clients
"We have never seen a price-performance ratio like the Junger's, and new features like the jaws shifting have ultimately won us over."
Michael G
John Tolome
Managing Director| Metal GmbH
"The brand-new Junger extended-life abrasive flap discs in tool cabinets are superior to the discs we've previously used in quality and durability. One test was all it took to sell me, ultimately!"
Arthurito Sanchez
Head of Equipment Construction and Metalworking | KAKA
"We are now storing turned components of such high quality that polishing is unnecessary, thanks to the Junger Tool cabinet with indexable inserts, which makes our in-house production as cost-effective as storing the parts from the Far East."
Tyler B
Marcus Pett
Managing Director | ATBF Corp.
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